Thai currency is made up of baht and satangs. Commonly used coins are 25-satang, 50-satang, 1 baht, 2 baht ,5baht, and 10 baht denominations. There are different sizes of 1 and 5 baht coins in circulation, so be careful when you count your money

Banknotes, which are printed in both Thai and Western numerals, increase in size according to value and are in different colours : 10 baht is brown; 20 baht is green; 50 baht is blue; 100 baht is red; 500 baht is purple and 1,000 baht2 is grey/beige.   It is difficult to change large notes in some market areas, so remember to ask for some small notes when changing money.
Banks are opened from 9.00 am. to 3.30 pm during weekdays. In Bangkok, youwill find many of the banks have foreign exchange services opening until late in the evening every day, particularly in popular tourists spots. American dollar is the most widely accepted foreign currency, but most other major foreign currencies can be exchanged at the banks. Payment by credit cards is becoming increasingly common at most major tourist spots and in most hotels and high-class restaurants.

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