Handicraft from the Nature

.”Handicraft work” is the making of  household effects by hand tools, native intelligence and simple technology to become daily utilization, having the beauty with delicate and fine art and displaying the creative idea with in pieces of work, we call such inventions the “Art of Handicraft” The “Basketwork”is regarded as playing an important role in the Thai peole’s lives for a long time. Most people in every region of the country make household objects and utensils for their own use with their own ideas and intelligence. The word “basketwork” refers to the Making of bamboo wood into prongs and curves with knives and then splitting them into thin strips called bamboo strips.These bamboo strips are woven in crisscross fashion to produce different designs as needed. The designs woven into the containers are created by the makers with many different designs and are called by specific names. For example,
1. Mae Bot designor basic design such as Lai Khid, Lai Song Lai Sam, Lai Ta Liew, Lai Khor ;2. Developed designor Lai Phatthana such as Lai Chalao, Lai Kled Tao, Lai Dok Khing, Lai Dee Lom;3. Inventive design such as Lai Khad Ta Mak Ruk, Lai Khad Ta Thayaeng, Lai Khad Dok Khu, etc. These designs have been continuously developed depending on the “Art talent”of each creator.The basket work seen in the daily life of Thai society can be divided into

1.Household utensils such as a strainer for squeezing and filtering coconut milk, basket, flat basket, basket with handle at the top, rattan bag,spoutless kettle for steaming glutinous rice,cone shaped cover made of bamboo for keeping food, etc.

2.Tools for catching marine animals for examples, coop-like trap for catching fish  ,fish trap.

3.Tools for use in agricultural purposes such as a bamboo hat worn by Thai peasant women to protect their heads and faces from sunlight, the basket for

putting things, in a kind of basket for scooping paddy or earth , a longsong for watering the plants or bailing out water to catch fish.4.Miscellaneous household objectssuch as two tier cone shaped covers used in the wedding ceremonies, flower pots, etc.We can see that every region of the country have these household utensils  made in the form of basketwork for use in daily activities because they can be made very easily and the raw materials and the tools to make them are not difficult to find.  They can be utilized worthly and have great value to the mind .  Today the plastic utensils and household goods are playing a more important roles in place of almost every “basketwork”  , although they are more convenient and can be easily replaced through purchasing, but the artistry,fineness,display of the ancestry’s intelligence and the spiritual mind within the work of art are not lostSo, we , the Thais should help maintain , and preserve these “Artistic Handicraft” to stay in Thai society for as long as possible.



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