The Thai house is actually a group of houses joined together, designed to suit the tropical climate and Thai lifestyle. Elevated with graceful sloping repes, the house is prefabricated  and the units are bolted together without using a single nail.

In all parts of Thailand, Thai houses are single story and raised on posts. The main unit is linked to other units by a verandah, which served perfectly well in merit-making functions.

Thai houses are open with a free flow of space, but they are slightly different from region to region. in the Central plains,  houses are elevated to avoid floods. In the North, their graceful Galare adorns the gable indicaing the house owner’s social status.  Thai houses do not only represent Thai life ,but also serve as a showcase of the fine texture of wood, elaborately and lovingly decorated with carvings which epitomize fine  Thai craftsmanship at its best.


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