Muay Thai

It is not uncommon for foreign visitors to Bangkok to come across a group of Thais crowding around television sets at night watching the latest boxing match.  Thai boxing , or Muay Thai, attracts the most attention of the Thai people.
You visit to Bangkok will not be completed if you do not see at least one Thai boxing match.  Although boxing matches are regularly televised, attending the live event is a thing not to be missed .  Thai boxing is almost universally regarded as today’s  most exciting ring sport.  It is considered by many to be the most violent martial art  compared with Japanese Karate, Korean Taekwando, and Chinese Kang Fu.   A boxing stadium is normally a noisy crowded and screaming supports for their favourites . Each fight starts with both corners performing a ritual, honouring and paying homage to their teachers  (Ruam Muay Thai) .
A match consists of five rounds, each of  which lasts three minutes with a two minute break  between rounds.  The bout is normally accompanied by the music of a three-instrument orchestra (drams, cymbals and flute) . The music rises and falls with the action taking place in the roped ring.  Apart from using their gloves, boxers are allowed to use their feet, legs, knees,elbows, shoulders, or any other parts of the body, except the head to overcome their opponent.  A winner is awarded for a knock-out or a points decision given by a panel of judeges. There are two boxing stadiums in the city

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