Khon, in general, is often played by relying on the story of the “RamayanaW which is about the fighting war between Rama and Ravana who each mobilized a great number of troops and combatants, particularly for the monkeys and demons. The special unique characteristics of Khon that are clearly seen in that most performers wear the Khon masks to cover their faces. So, we see lots of “Khon Masks” which are the most imprtant parts as well as their costumes in different characters.

“Khon Mask” , clothes and ornaments they are wearing and the application of different colors and designs all are displaying personal characters and status of performers prominently. In making “Khon Mask” each time, the ritual ceremony must be performed before taking it for worshipping or performing and before wearing it to perform in the story of Ramayana , the Khon mask must be put on the performer’s head by the teacher who says the magic spell to the Khon mask to add the power and strength of mind as the will power and strength of mind as the will power to the performer. Until success comes out as the complete Khon mask with delicacy and glittering beauty , the excellent handicraft and great efforts of the artists must be put through the different processes a numbers of time.

Many colors may be applied on the Khon masks but in the old days the power dye was mainly used and the gold leaves were placed to cover the needed parts. Today the dyes are used consistent with the times byt still maintain it’s identity of the uniqueness without significant changes. There are only a few “Khon Mask” makers left to live in the present day due to the strict requirement of high skill, diligence and effort to make them, causing each Khon mask to become a high valued piece of art which deserves to be maintained as the cultural and national work of art, forever.


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